Silver Ritz Toast Stand

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1960’s Ritz London; lavish high teas and royal weddings, this heirloom silver plated toast rack carries a history and tradition unlike any other. Bring to life the glamour and grandeur of London’s colorful history with our Belle Époque antique Hotel Silver collection of the most opulent hotel in London. Once used to entertain the crowned heads and the elite society of Europe this stunning memento has been meticulously restored by master silver smiths in England for you to enjoy today. Multi-functional and elegant it is perfect for neatly organizing your letters, mail and paperwork on your desk by using it as a letter stand or dressing up your table by using it as a napkin stand.

Vintage Hotel Silver from London England (circa 1960's). Collector's item. Ritz Hotel Toast Stand. Silver Plated, refurbished by master silversmiths in England. Note: Slight variances occur in vintage items. Dimensions: 3.5" (L) x 3" (W) x 4.5" (H).